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  • Real- Time Location Monitoring
  • Real- Time Data Monitoring

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Track Real-time Employee Location

With unparalleled accuracy and reliability, you can monitor the location and movement of your field team.


Track total distance travelled

Know how much they have travelled with 95% accuracy with our proprietary distance calculation algorithm.


Detailed Timeline Review

Review the timeline of your field team members to know where they have been and what they have been doing.

Reliable & Accurate Location Tracking

Data Manipulation

App halts on unauthorized date or time changes for security.

GPS Notification

Receive immediate alerts for disabled GPS on any connected device.

Real-Time Tracking

Enhance field team tracking precision for real-time location insights.

App Guides

Access setup tutorials for every model and make with ease.

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About FieldBlaze

FieldBlaze is one of the best Field Sales& Services Management App in India, built to provide a boost to the decentralized world of Field Force. It is a one-stop solution for all your Field Services Management. You can Stake, Analyze, Expense Track, Track Attendance and do much more with your FieldBlaze Management Services.

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